Don't Get Scared, It's Just My Brain

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So thankful for the friends I still have. I couldn’t ask for a better crew❤️

My mom doesn’t even love me enough to get off work early to pick me up from the airport after being gone for a week and a half lol.

I’m exhausted.

I have a 2 hour layover in Houston and a 2 and a 1/2 hour flight after that.

Had to say bye to everyone tonight

I don’t want to leave Texas. Saying bye to the babies made me almost start crying. I’m going to miss them so much. I can’t even handle it right now.

And just like that…

Sat down to pee and I’m so exhausted I don’t wanna stand up.


"don’t complain, I have it worse than you"


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"We started drifting into the bowl cut era," Evans said, referencing his 7th grade picture. "And the clear braces were something special. Can you see this fantastic bead necklace that I have on? For some reason I buttoned the top button [of my denim shirt]. It’s so unacceptable," he continued. "I blame my parents completely. They knew every day this kid was walking out the door and they said, ‘Good luck!’"

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Dave Franco on Conan I’m 😍